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Photo editing service


Shooting photo portraits of your products, fashion models or clients?

Need a pitch-perfect background for your photos?Hire backdropsource today for all of your photo images needs! We’ll alter all of your product images or fashion photos using our pixel-perfect background removal techniques, removing even the most complex background images. Whether you just need one photo edited or want to create a portfolio of thousands of product images, we’ll handle the job quickly, skillfully and with a minimum of fuss.


The editing process involves 3 easy steps that can be completed from anywhere. Get picture-perfect images by following these instructions:

Shoot your photo

Take a professional-looking photo of your product/s using a camera or high-resolution smartphone.

Order & Upload Images

Visit our order page and select the number of images that need to be edited. After making the appropriate payment, email the images from your computer. Or you can upload images and make the payment.

Receive your images

In less than 24 hours, download your edited images straight from your email inbox.


Background Removal Service

We offer tons of background removal options, depending upon your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a simple drop shadow or a pop of color, we’ve got the right picture background editing effect for you. Choose from:


If you’re selling on Ebay and Amazon, your product photos will need to adhere to strict photography specs. Our photo editors are well-versed in Ebay and Amazon regulations and know how to edit your product photos to meet all of their requirements. Adding a simple white background for your product photos is one of the best ways to showcase your products and catch a buyer’s attention.


Is your product image mostly simple, but a bit complex in form? Images with some complex elements require specialized formatting for e-commerce sales. Adding a transparent background to your product photos will make it easier to blend it into any backdrop on your e-commerce platform!


A cast shadow is a type of shadow used in a product photo to make the image more realistic. When light hits an object, an elongated shadow is sometimes created (depending on the position of the light). This elongated shadow is referred to as a cast shadow. Cast shadows can be very useful for product photography, product catalogue creation and so on, for product or brand attention.


A drop shadow is similar to a cast shadow, but heavier, thicker and better-defined. It’s best for product photos that need more definition and presence.


A vibrant solid or patterned color background can add just the right effect to your images or product photos. Our team of designers will pick the perfect accent for your color background using the specs you have requested.


Product reflections can add a sense of depth and dimension to an image, highlighting elements like color or shape. They can support a photo subject, be the subject, or link elements of an image together in creative ways. This creates a photo that rewards the viewer for looking more closely at your shot.


Detailed Photo Editing

One of difficult thing for photographer is editing complex images. So we are as a professional here to take care of that. Just take your photo, We handle the rest.


Un wanted reflections makes your photo look less appeal. So we offer removal of reflection from spectacles or Glass or surface.


Whenever you take a photo outdoor. Most of the time the sky looks dull or details are missing. So we provide sky replacement for real estate photos, wedding photos or any outdoor photos.


Problem with complex hair? One of the complex example is separation hair from background. So our team uses best technology to remove background from hair even with the busiest background.


Whenever you take a shot from Ariel view or For a real estate image, Green lawn gives you refresh look to your images. So that is why we provide Green lawn patching to enhance the quality of your photos.



Worry about your logo or images get Pixelated? Vectrization service offers you two types of services to get start.


Flat vector means it is completely flat without any shading like gradients or mix of colors. Its simple and effective for logos or patterns We extract or draw information from your photo to give you crisp & sharp Looking logos or images. We do Logos and simple patterns.


This is one of the special looking vector service. Want your photo to looking like outline drawing? This service will provide for what you need to look outline drawing . This works for single subjects or simple photos such as bird, single persons or simple objects.


This is one of the service maximum people use. In this service we provide with exact recreation of your logo, simple Vector elements even with shading.

Our Service Packages

  • Background Removal
    BASIC - Starts from $0.99
    • Images for E-commerce:
    • Background Removal (Simple Objects)
    • Background Color Modification
    • Photo Resizing
    • Photos Format Changing
    • Add Watermarks
    • Image Compression/Rotation
  • ADDITIONAL - $1.25
    • Add Drop Shadows
    • Add Natural Shadows
    • Add Reflection
    • Colors Changing
    • Background Replacement
  • Order Now
  • Detailed Image Editing
    Starts from $4
    • Glare or Reflection Removal $4
    • Sky Replacement $10
    • Complex Hair Removal $14
    • Green Lawn Patching$8
  • Order Now
  • Vectorization
    Starts from $10
    • Flat Vector $10
    • Photo Outline Effect $15
    • Original Recreation $20
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